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According to a Dec. 12 report from PC World about the new Kindle Fire, customers are giving the latest installment mixed reviews. Early adopters aren’t satisfied with a variety of issues concerning the new e-reader. The biggest problems?

lack of external volume controls, awkwardly placed off switch, slow web browser, heavy weight, minimal storage space, and inconsistent touchscreen responsiveness

So basically a laundry list of complaints that will have to be fixed in the second generation of the device. We’re glad we waited on this one, and look forward to a lighter, faster-browsing Fire with a consistent touchscreen response.

Then again, we hate to ask the obvious question: why use a touchscreen at all? The Kindle’s previous incarnations have keypads and forward/back buttons which work great with no user complaints. Seems like the only reason to move to touchscreen is the urge to compete against the iPad, but since that wasn’t what the e-reader was intended to do in the first place, it’s a bit misguided.

Your thoughts?